Some Bring Gifts

Living Sculpture, 2015 to Present

Shift, Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockport, Maine, 2015
CMCA Biennial Exhibition, Rockport, Maine, 2014
Twelve Nights, Boston Sculptors Gallery, Boston, Massachusetts, 2014
Umami Food and Art Festival, Brooklyn, New York, 2014

2456714.016160, Wool yarn, dehydrated carrots, urchin shell, brass metal mesh fabric, sand, aborio rice, limonite stones, live succulent, dried forsythia flowers, dried wild violets and live succulent, 10″ x variable, 2014

2456708.562500, Wool yarn, brass metal mesh fabric, dried grass, hemp rope, dried anise pods, embroidery thread, dogwood branches, shell, Chinese licorice, bristly beard lichen, live lavender plant, 8″ x variable, 2014